In brief

The client: CombatSkin. A startup Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clothing company.

Scope of work: Design, develop and launch a specialized web clothing store which would be selling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goods.

Pre design, getting to know the customer vision, drawing up drafts: CombatSkin supplied us with a very detailed document which specified all the actual functions they wanted from the website, but they left the door open for the visual design up to uDemo. Speaking with the owner - Steven - provided us with a very detailed idea of his vision.

Development: Once we understood what CombatSkin wanted to achieve we set out and created, not 1 but, 2 drafts of the concepts and ideas laid out.

Selected platforms: Joomla and Virtuemart

Maintenance: Provide CombatSkin with ongoing monthly maintenance. We ensure their content is always updated, new products are correctly launched and obsolete products are gracefully removed. Furthermore, ensure their website is secure against malicious attacks and crashes, as well as provide responsive support for any additional inquiry they may have.


Working with CombatSkin was a very unique and good experience for us. The creation of the site posed a few challenges, particularly with the back end store reports and affiliate integration, but they were overcome thanks to the flexible store platform chosen. It was interesting to work with the visuals and different product implementations while providing a comprehensive customer experience. We think we hit a homerun with the overall shopping experience - considering the runaway success the site has become.

What CombatSkin says: are an awesome website development company to work with because there are two characteristics that sets them aside from their competitors. The first is their willingness to work with you in the design and development process so you get a website that you've helped design and will love. The second is their attention to detail and the extra advice they provide so that the website that is being built is fit for purpose and has the functionality you and your customers will need. I've had great success working with them especially with Cal who has really helped my websites get off the ground and fully operational in delivering great sales and functionality to customers. Also, their prices are super competitive and to date, I have not found a better web design and development to work with. I highly recommend them.
- Steven L.