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Sample Logo Work:

  • Ojai Valley MMA

    Ojai Valley MMA

    Ojai Valley MMA needed a logo with a "Japanese style tree with gloves hanging from the branches". A little creative change and we delivered a logo that Ojai Valley MMA were very happy with.
  • Canary Travel

    Canary Travel

    Needing a redesign of their old canary logo, the company contacted us with their requirements. They wanted to preserve their "Canary", but update it to be a modern, easily recognized, and unique brand logo.
  • Factory Listing Thailand

    Factory Listing Thailand

    Factory Listing Thailand required us to integrate the Thai flag into their logo, and at the same time showcase their company name.
  • JNS


    Sample work for JNS to give their customers an immediate recognition of their service offers.
  • The Food Key

    The Food Key

    The Food Key gave us free hand to deliver a logo suitable for their food website. They later wanted to add a slogan, which was placed in the natural spot below the main company name.
  • CarbonMoto


    CarbonMoto gave us free hand in creating their online branding. We created a very edgy and modern design to fit their Ducati carbon spare parts business.
  • Semper Fi Maids

    Semper Fi Maids

    Semper Fi Maids requested a logo that was based on the original Semper Fi logo together with a bulldog. Combining those elements we delivered a logo they were ecstatic to receive.

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