What We DoCreate Your Perfect Website

We study and come to understand you, your business and your online vision, then we create your great online presence.

Easy to use websitesEasy to use websites.

Who hasn't been put off by difficult to use websites? We remove the difficulty of use and make sure your website visitors sees exactly what you want them to see and gently steer them to what you want them to do. Eg. a purchase, subscribe, like/tweet, click on an advert, or anything else you want your focus to be.

Beautiful visuals.

We remove all the unneeded clutter and distractions from your core message and get your point across with beautiful visuals in a straightforward way.

Smart phone and tablet friendly websites.

Ever come a cross a website that looks great and functions well on your computer or laptop, but when you want to use it on your smart phone or tablet it becomes a mess and virtually unusable?
uDemo will make sure all your websites are equally visually stunning and equally functional on smartphones and tablets as well. 30-50% of website visitors who spend money online use smart phones and tablets.

Feature full websites at little or no extra costs.

Huh? What? How can we offer you E-Commerce, forums, blogs, social integrations, media integrations, donation integrations and many many more items at little or no extra costs (while others may charge an arm and a leg)?
Overhead, fancy offices, receptionists, sales people, newest expensive tech toys, and creature comforts are not our thing, so you - the customer - does not have to pay us for our cushy lifestyles. We make your online presence great, and that's all we want to do. Don't pay for someones new fancy TV or home entertainment center, car or house. uDemo does it equal or better, but doesn't add overhead to your final price. That's why we think our prices will probably be the best - for the great quality we offer - you'll ever find.

What about Google (and other search engines)? Will you help me there?

Yes of course. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes as part of your website package, at no extra cost. And if you choose one of our maintenance packages, SEO will be continually tweaked and updated for better results.
However, please keep in mind that great content, regularly updated, is the best SEO your site will ever get.

Content management.

All of our websites are developed on a content management system called Joomla. This system helps us reduce the development time and reduce the overall costs, allowing for a big reduction in your price when you contract us.
This also means you can easily and quickly manage your own content (should you choose to). We'll instruct you how to maintain your content, and we'll always be there should you need assistance at any time.

Maintenance, hosting and continuing services.

Once the website is finished, you have a few options.
a) Inexpensive maintenance package. We offer everything from standard maintenance, SEO and hosting, to business class services and dedicated servers.
b) Host it with uDemo for a small monthly fee. We'll make sure your website is taken care of and is regularly maintained and secured.
c) You can request the website to be sent to you in an easy to use installer package for installation on your own host/server.